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What does it mean for you that people can search your name on Twitter?

When talking about social media, we tend to concentrate on how you can leverage these tools to reach your various limited English proficient (LEP) audiences. But while you’re addressing those issues, bear in mind that those audiences are also using the same tools to talk about you.

Last year, both Google and Bing struck deals with a number of social media sites to include those sites in their real-time search results. The sites include Facebook, FriendFeed, MySpace and others. It also includes Twitter. You once had to use Twitter’s internal search functionality to search. Now, both what you say on Twitter and what others say about you is easily indexed in the results.

Why is this important? It’s important in terms of reputation management. The days of controlling the message are gone. Today, the conversation is global, and while that offers incredible communication opportunities, it also can be potentially damaging. Do a search on yourself here: See what comes up.

Online reputation management is nothing new for doctors and other health care providers; it has just gotten more complicated. As the tools and means for communicating evolve, new challenges arrive with the new opportunities. Learn what you need to do to manage those challenges.

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Hispanic Creative Advertising Award winners set good example

If you want to excel at something, there are few better strategies than studying how the very best do it. At Advertising Age’s 2009 Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards, there were examples aplenty of how to effectively reach today’s diverse Hispanic audience.

Marked by cleverly conceived communications that favored cultural insight over cultural stereotypes, this year’s winners, from the NFL to the California Milk Processor Board, understand that it starts with an understanding of the varied Hispanic culture.

One popular favorite perfectly illustrated the importance language plays in reaching Hispanic audiences. Created by CableLatino and Grupo Gallegos for Comcast, the ad shows how much is lost for Spanish-speaking TV viewers when watching an English-language program. As part of the ad, fake newscasts were created in which crucial information, like the photo of an escaped killer or details about recalled food products, are obscured by subtitles.

Says Peter Intermaggio, Comcast’s senior VP-marketing communications, “An essential truth of the Hispanic market is that the viewing experience can be very frustrating, obscured by language difficulties and poor translation.”

Such awards are valuable not only for recognizing thoughtful, well-conceived Hispanic communications campaigns, but also for providing a kind of cheat sheet for others to conceive creative solutions to the challenge of reaching this important but diverse audience.

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Social and new media are changing the face of healthcare – see for yourself!

If you’ve been following Speaking Healthcare you have surely read by now how social and new media serve as incredible platforms for connecting with your patients and communities. Healthcare providers who build a social media presence are building more than just their brand; they are providing better access to healthcare information by reaching their members through these media channels.

Yet how many organizations are exploiting the true power of these increasingly valuable tools? How many patients are even online, and what does this mean for us as members of the healthcare industry as well as the United States? Take a minute and watch the video below…if you weren’t convinced about the power and popularity of these before, you will certainly be now!

Leslie Iburg

New year to bring new services as viaLanguage acquires Planet Productions

I just wanted to share some exciting news … viaLanguage is happy to report that we are now the very proud parents of a brand-new e-Learning and web-based training subsidiary. In our ongoing effort to offer added value to our clients, viaLanguage today acquired long-time strategic business partner, Planet Productions, Inc.

It is an exciting move for viaLanguage. The addition promises to help us expand what we are to provide to our health plan and hospital clients as they look to train their dispersed staffs and educate patients and the community.

Planet brings with them expertise in instructional design and creative multimedia development. This combined with our technology cultural adaptation and translation services will equip us to offer solutions that enhance our heath care clients’ training and education needs like never before.

Stay tuned for more, and look for the launch of the viaLearning website soon.

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