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How to make the most of healthcare eLearning: 5 important tips

The Internet and the nearly ubiquitous connectivity made possible via laptops, netbooks, smartphones, tablets, and other devices has transformed the way we reach our audiences. Increasingly, it is also transforming the way we teach and learn.

In healthcare, just as in other industries, eLearning is helping far-flung personnel stay up to date on the most recent information, thereby making it possible for them to better serve your patient populations. Whether you’re using eLearning now or expect to do so in the future, here are five best practices to consider as you address the translation and localization of your program.

1. Internationalize — Neutralize the English content from your eLearning framework and source files.
2. Consider the culture — Just as with other multicultural medical resources, know your audience and the ways in which they prefer to see content organized and presented.
3. Make content translation friendly — Shoot for a reading level of 6th to 8th grade, avoid slang, and opt for shorter sentences.
4. Let the region guide you — Customize training components for the region so that content and techniques are appropriate.
5. Confer with in-country personnel — Working together on the plan and schedule will save you time and heartache later and bring about better results.

Your regional healthcare teams and staff are the emissaries of your message, but they are only as effective as the training they receive. eLearning affords us an unprecedented opportunity to ensure all are equipped with the right information at the right time.

For more best practices, and other guidance with your eLearning program, check out the viaLanguage global eLearning blog.

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