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VIA Awards Healthcare Grant

It’s with pleasure to announce this year’s Healthcare Translation Grant recipients. The VIA annual donation program is one of the ways that VIA gives back to the community each year. This grant awards $1500 of in-kind translation services to two, separate innovative healthcare organizations that that strive to improve healthcare access for underserved, limited English speaking (LEP) communities here in the U.S.

1. Washington Regional Medical Foundation

The Marshallese Translation Program at Washington Regional Medical Foundation is dedicated to serving the Marshallese community in Northwest Arkansas. With having served 846 Marshallese residents last year, it is the hope of this program to use the VIA grant in order to translate nursery discharge education materials and consent forms for treatment, blood transfusion and anesthesia. Iliana Rivera, Language Service Coordinator, says that, “we are very grateful to have been selected as the 2012 VIA Grant Program winner. Washington Regional is committed to providing equal and quality care to all regardless of any language barriers. This generous grant will help us immensely in providing much-needed Labor & Deliver discharge information and education to our Marshallese patients and their families.”

2. Providence Hospital’s Diabetes Education Program (in Washington D.C.)

Providence Hospital has created an outpatient Diabetes Education Program in order to provide understanding to those afflicted with diabetes in the District of Columbia. This program aims to reach members of its community who are at-risk to developing diabetes-related complications. With VIA’s grant, it is the goal of Providence Hospital to provide diabetes education materials to their Arabic, French, Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, and Vietnamese communities in order to improve quality of life for all. “It is so meaningful and fulfilling to provide information regarding diabetes to our community. People are concerned and hungry for education and materials that they can read, understand and refer to on an ongoing basis,” says  Robin Martinez, Diabetes Nurse Specialist, Providence Hospital.

Thanks to the healthcare team and VIA for making this possible.

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Wellness Month at VIA

Stress and other environmental factors play a huge role in employee satisfaction, productivity and overall sense of well being. At any company, the daily routine and constant workload can be exhausting. In fact, according to the American Institute of Stress, “numerous surveys and studies confirm that occupational pressures and fears are far and away the leading source of stress for American adults and that these have steadily increased over the past few decades. Eighty percent of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress and 42% say their coworkers need such help.”

To find a holistic approach to maintaining employee health year round, VIA inspires and motivates employees to participate in a month-long program of activities and seminars that educate and promote a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. Every year, employees team up to compete for points based on the activities they complete. Wellness month is also a time for each individual to reflect and become aware of their everyday lives both mentally and physically, and find new ways to mix things up, get fit and reduce stress.

The agenda for this year’s wellness month included: seminars on nutrition and how to prepare healthy foods, lunch time and after work exercise routines, an outdoor scavenger hunt, “desk yoga,” spontaneous challenges for bonus points and stress reducing mini massages. Participants were awarded 5 points for every event attended, 1 point for every 20 minutes of physical activity and 1 point for every junk food item they gave up for the day.This year, employees earned an astonishing 1041 hours of involvement based on the total event and exercise points accumulated company wide.

Wellness month not only pushed me to be more conscious of my everyday routine, it allowed me to connect with my co-workers and embrace a personal challenge to stay in shape and change up my diet to support a healthier lifestyle. The energy in the office was very high and everyone had a really good time!

Happy health,


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Speaking Healthcare Blog is Back!

What better month to re-launch our blog than “health literacy” month?  Health Literacy Month is a time for organizations and individuals to promote the importance of understandable health information. Since its inception in 1999, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of awareness-raising events taking place worldwide. Our hats off to Helen Osborne who founded this great effort!

At VIA, our mission is to improve healthcare access for under-served  Limited English Speaking (LEP) communities. Health literacy affects us all. In fact, research indicates that today’s health information is presented in ways that are simply unusable by most adults. In today’s rapidly changing environment, it so important to provide health information that effectively contributes to access, informed decisions, and improved outcomes. We can build our own health literacy skills and help others – community members, health professionals, and anyone else who communicates about health  – and build their skills, too.

We also like to recognize, celebrate and support organizations that are making a difference in the delivery of healthcare to those communities with Limited English Proficiency. That commitment was the genesis of our Healthcare Translation Grant Program, and remains its mission today. With that focus in mind, we were pleased to announce our 2012 grant recipients this week – Providence Hospital in the District of Columbia and Washington Regional Medical Foundation.  We are proud to assist these special non-profit organizations that are committed to improving the health of their communities.

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