Medical tourism booming ― along with healthcare translation challenges

Healthcare costs have priced a good many people out of pursuing certain services or procedures in the U.S. And it’s a situation only made worse by the economic travails of recent months, with many electing to postpone treatment or forego it altogether.

As a recent post on the Global Watchtower blog points out, many people, including an increasing number of Americans and British, are choosing to still get the work done, but just not at home. These people are seeking less expensive options in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, and Poland. India alone is expected to enjoy US$2.2 billion in annual revenue from medical tourism by 2012.

The problem, of course, is language. Understanding medical materials can be confusing enough at home. Traveling to another country — with an entirely different language — can pose some daunting communication challenges.

As the medical tourism industry grows, foreign healthcare providers will learn what U.S. providers have learned: The quality of your services is directly related to your ability to clearly and effectively communicate with patients.

Good health!

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