Technological innovation must benefit all patients

We’ve talked a bit about social media in Speaking Healthcare over the last few months, but the subject has only grown larger and more pervasive. Twitter, the microblogging tool, even made the cover of Time magazine in June.

The healthcare industry, like so many others, is trying to work out if these new communications vehicles are right for them. With the adoption of electronic medical records (EHRs), it seems likely that it may happen around them whether they plan for it or not.

Many predict that companies will develop that will use this information to help patients find others in similar medical situations. Healthcare providers could even choose to syndicate their content, making it available to a handful of healthcare-related sites that could then personalize the information to a patient’s exact needs. This could be done, for example, via customized, highly relevant newsletters, among other means.

It’s a turbulent time to be in healthcare, but it’s also very exciting. The combination of public attention, political will, and technological innovation promises to bring about major changes in how we communicate with patients and how they ultimately receive care. As always, as we seek to guide these changes, it’s up to us to ensure that all patients, including limited English proficient (LEP) speakers, are permitted to enjoy the benefits.

Good health!

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