Effective social media demands a strong focus on the ‘social.’

The July 2009 report released by the Advisory Board Company’s Marketing Planning and Leadership Council demonstrated how much work hospitals and health care systems have to do to make the best of use of social media.

As highlighted in the last couple of posts, the study revealed that only about 10 percent are using the increasingly valuable communication tools and even fewer are exploiting its true power to build meaningful, two-way communications.

Here are few things to consider as you address your social media efforts:

•Focus on your community — By spotlighting local events and issues, a hospital can position itself as an important member of the community. This approach also creates broader appeal, promoting a larger social network.
•Communicate in first person — The public expects real people and real conversation on social networks. It’s all about dialogue, which is not a likely result if your “voice” online reads like a press release.
•Build a corporate network — Pursue connections with other corporate entities and individuals in your area. To be effective, your strategy here must be a proactive one in which you seek out engagement. These associations can be a powerful way to do that.

Initial steps for any program include identifying the right platforms, setting realistic goals, and assigning accountability. These are important. Once established, you’re ready to get the conversation started.

Good health!

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