Actually, on second thought, do have a cow this holiday season

Tis the season, and while there is a blizzard of holiday cards traveling through the mail at the moment, viaLanguage decided to take a slightly different approach this holiday season: We bought a cow.

It’s true. We’re proud to partner with the health care industry during the year, and we figured there was nothing healthier than giving a needy family the opportunity to start a sustainable small business, which is what the cow provides. Able to provide products like milk, offspring, and fertilizer that the owner can then sell or trade for food, clothing, and other essentials, the cow can actually help transform entire communities.

That is the idea and the mission behind Heifer International, the organization viaLanguage worked with. Theirs is such an exciting, innovative approach it spoke to us immediately. And it didn’t hurt that Alton Brown (love that guy) is a big fan, too. Take a look at his brief video.

So if you’re not sure what to get that loved one that has everything, consider giving livestock in their name to a family that could use it. They’re sure to be moo-ved.

Learn more about Heifer International at

Good health!

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