Enabling Patient Communication and Engagement

As we start another new year bright with promise, most of us most likely have a resolution or two in mind, or perhaps a mental list of things we’d like to accomplish in the coming year both personally and professionally. In the realm of healthcare, chances are many of our professional goals for the coming year are aligned with the path we’ve already embarked on as a healthcare community – improving coverage, diagnostics, treatment and access, minimizing disparities, focusing on wellness and enabling patient engagement to improve outcomes and population health.

Although I haven’t worked as a care provider in a clinical setting, during the course of my career I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to provide services furthering the above. On the flip side, I’ve also had the opportunity to see the complexity of healthcare jargon and healthcare delivery through the eyes of elderly family members. It can be an absolutely terrifying world!

That experience makes me even more passionate about improving healthcare delivery and the patient experience. While a translation provider may not be the first service provider that that springs to mind, we play an important role in healthcare delivery at here at VIA. We understand that bridging the language gap is key to ensuring culturally diverse communities enjoy equal access to healthcare, have the information needed to make informed care decisions and experience optimal quality. We have a passion for helping our customers communicate with their patients across boundaries of language, comprehension and culture.

Best wishes for a healthy New Year!

About the author:  Karen Donovan is the VP of Healthcare for VIA. Her background encompasses working with stakeholders across a wide range of the spectrum, providing strategic solutions for health systems, providers, vendors and insurers in today’s ever evolving US healthcare delivery system. Read more from this author

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