Did you think of everything (when planning your translation project)?

Image courtesy of Elvis Santana.

Image courtesy of Elvis Santana.

Many think translating English documents is easy and takes no time; ok maybe a couple of days or a week based on the documents’ size. Guess what, that is so far from the truth! Translating documents has many steps and all of them need to be calculated into your timeline when planning to meet your critical deadline.

We recommend building your timeline by starting with your critical deadline and working backward. Make sure you give yourself extra time for those inevitable delays.

Here are some steps to consider including:

  1. Critical deadline: can be a website ‘go live’ date, CMS required posting or delivery dates, end of fiscal year, marketing campaign, and there are so many more
  2. Publishing/printing time frame
  3. Internal review
  4. Post translation tasks such as formatting, desk top publishing and quality assurance
  5. Actual translation time frame
  6. Pre-translation work such as preparing style guides and glossaries
  7. Project approval
  8. Evaluating scope of work and costs
  9. Approval of final native/source files

Don’t worry if you can’t think of everything. Your Language Service Provider (LSP) should be able to help you plan accordingly so you can get started on your way to successfully meeting your goals.

Learn about how VIA’s managed services can help you streamline your translation processes to provide the best return from your investment.

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