The Power of the Attestation

Have the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) or the Joint Commission ever knocked on your door asking about the quality of the translated materials you require your members and patients to read? Of course, this question is directed mainly to hospitals and health plans. But honestly, if this impacts you, do you feel confident that the materials you handed out to your members or patients are indeed translated accurately?

If the Joint Commission schedules a visit with your hospital, they will want to know what you have translated, where it is located and why you chose those specific languages? If they find anything lacking in quality, the Joint Commission may penalize the hospital. This slap on the wrist may hurt the hospital’s reputation. If the care facility gets a ding on its accreditation, it could ultimately steer potential staff to take their skills elsewhere.

It’s a little different for health plans. Plans may not get the federal or state funding they count on if they are not compliant. Audits are ugly.

Member services at health plans and the cultural and linguistic departments at hospitals generally oversee the day-to-day compliance of materials that are translated in multiple languages. My customers tell me they do not fret in these situations. In fact, our attestations pretty much spell it out for the auditors and most know that if they work with VIA, the translations are of great accuracy and quality. Our translations are conducted by professional linguistic teams that have more than five years healthcare translation experience. One translator, one proofreader and an attestation with any job we conduct.

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