What does it all mean? The A-Z of Translation Definitions

dictionaryIt is not unusual for me to get questions about what DTP means or for a customer to be confused between what a PDF is and a source file is. So, I thought a brief glossary of the terms frequently used in the translation industry would be helpful. Whether you need to communicate effectively with linguists or language service providers, you’ll find some of the answers here.

  • Source File – The original document to be translated.
  • Native File – The same as source file the original document to be translated
  • File Prep – All preparation work required to ready a document for translation. For example, converting a PDF document to an editable format
  • TEP – Translation, edit and proofreading.  The linguist translates the document into the requested target langauge. A second professional linguist will proofread and edit the document
  • DTPDesktop Publishing: Reformatting the document to produce the translated document identical to the source document; in most incidences English.
  • QA – Quality Assurance:  a professional will review the final document to ensure no errors were introduced in the DTP phase of the project
  • Source Word/Text – This is the language of the source content and the language that Translators translate from.
  • Target Word/Text – The translation of the source word or text.
  • Glossary – is a collection of preferred terms with translations, definitions
  • Style Guide – is a tool that organizations can leverage to measurably increase translation quality and consistency.
  • Braille – Braille is a system of communication for blind or partially sighted people.
  • Cultural Adaptation – Editing a text to fit in with the cultural aspects of the target language
  • Literal Translation – A translation that follows the source text very closely.
  • Localization – The process of editing a product for a specific (usually foreign) market in cultural and linguistic terms.
  • Native speaker – A person with native speaker competence in a language.
  • Machine Translation – Translation carried out by a software program without human intervention that requires extensive editing of terminology, meaning and grammar.
  • Translation Memory – A software program used to store translation segments or units in a database for future use.
  • Word Count – A word count is the number of words that a document or file contains

Look to your Language Service Provider (LSP) for assistance to help you understand the steps and tasks that go into completing your project.

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