One more reason your content marketing might be an epic fail

I came across an article titled “5 Reasons Your Content Marketing May Be an Epic Fail” that Katrina Denk posted in the Healthcare Marketing group I’m a member of on LinkedIn and thought it made some good points. Content marketing is all the rage these days, but there’s definitely a line between good content marketing and not so good content marketing.

To Katrina’s point, it’s important to make sure your content delivery and style are not “holding back its full potential.”  To wit, I would contend there is one more reason your content might be failing… it’s not in the right language.

Nearly 55 million people — about one in five U.S. residents — speak a language other than English at home. This is especially important for healthcare marketers because almost half of limited English proficient (LEP) population reported low health literacy, which may carry greater health risks according to NCBI.

For these people, bridging the language gap is essential to accessing healthcare. We’ve tried to take the uncertainty out of addressing language access challenges for written and web-based communications for you in our guide Beyond Translation: Best Practices for Healthcare.

About the author:  Natalie Middleton is a strategic marketing communications professional with nearly 10 years of corporate and tech PR agency experience. Natalie has experience in the real estate, healthcare, education, data storage and digital connectivity sectors and holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism from Pacific University. Read more from this author

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