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Learnings from DiversityRx

It was great to see all of our customers and colleagues at DiversityRx this week. I’m always impressed with the deep passion and compassion of the individuals dedicated to reducing disparities and improving health literacy. There was an impressive line-up of speakers sharing information and insights. Topics ranged from the need for early development of cultural competencies in pre-college and Med school to the other end of the life continuum – understanding the needs of culturally diverse aging communities and ultimately, palliative care.

This year’s theme “Quality Health Care for Culturally Diverse Populations: Achieving Equity in an Era of Innovation and Health System Transformation” was explored in depth. Workshops focused on patient engagement, training and staff development, utilization of quality improvement tools, qualitative data analysis, improving access and care though collaboration and partnerships, the role of eHealth and technology, religious diversity, and recognizing our biases – conscious and unconscious. All topics had the over-arching goal of improving health literacy, access, satisfaction and outcomes for our culturally diverse communities.

The conference was rounded out with sessions addressing our dynamic era of  transformation: advocacy, policy; initiatives from the HHS Office for Civil Rights, and opportunities for advancing equity afforded by the Affordable Care Act. There are too many topics to highlight here – I suggest you check out the DiversityRx web site for more information and to join the conversation.